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 Adirondack House Doctor's Services



ARE YOU A CONTRACTOR?  Please contact us so we can post your business (FREE).   Our lists are growing, so sign up NOW.   Folks need to know! 




Who are we?  Adirondack-House-Doctor is the satellite site of "InAndAroundTheAdirondackPark.com" one of the Adirondack's most comprehensive concierge directory.    If you have time, please visit our parent site, and BOOKMARK.  This site is overloaded with info about our great Adirondack Park!  Worth your visit!


Who is behind the scenes?  Adirondack-House-Doctor web hosting was provided NYNE Hosting Inc. which have volunteered much of their time to help us bring AHD to you at no charge, and they are offering to all those who also need web site design or SEO services, 10% off if only they mention Adirondack-House-Doctor sent them!   So if you like what you see here, perhaps they can help you too.


How did it all start?   Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc., who provides real estate services for the Park, developed a hard-copy directory for all the services of the Park.  Their customers demanded to know.  As the Internet came of age, ACHR decided to take this BIG list to the web.   Darleen Cote-March, prior career was a newspaper publisher/owner; so she took that past career to a new level.  If you are searching for real estate, we recommend you look them up.






Adirondack-House-Doctor isn't a normal profit base business, but rather a public service.   We welcome display ads to those needing extra exposure for their business(es); however, we would appreciate donations so that we may cover the wind power hosting services charged to us, and reimburse the webmasters from time to time.   We'll leave the donation values to each business owner. 


We just ask they all business owner keeps us posted of any changes, or deletions.   Broken links hurt everyone; but good links benefit all.   By sharing, we all benefit.


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