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(Lake Placid, Keene, Keene Valley, Saranac Lake, Bloomingdale, Rainbow Lake, Lake Clear, Paul Smith, Wilmington)


Below are local businesses of contractors (builders, electricians, foresters, building inspectors, architects, draftsman, landscapers, logging, masons, plumbers, property managers, surveyors and much more) which residents (new or old), or visitors alike, might find handy for fixing up their Adirondack camp, building a new one, or just passing through!  We are constantly asked who are the local guys and gals to help.  So we thought we'd bring our local talents to your attention direct.  Listings posted with an are "Facebook" friendly.  


If you are a local contractor provider, and have a service that may help our visitors, please contact us so we can post your business (FREE).   The list is growing, so sign up NOW.   Folks need to know!  



A G Construction 220 Plank Road Bloomingdale 518-891-9919
  Adam Friel's Caretaking   Lake Placid 518-524-4265
  Adirondack Building & Contracting 397 Hulls Falls Road Keene 518-576-4450
  Adirondack Home Pro's Inc. 552 County Route 18 Lake Clear 518-637-2242
  Adirondack Lakes Marine Contractors PO Box 506 Lake Placid 518-523-2307
  Adirondack Wood Working,   Saranac Lake 518-637-2066
  Allen Hoyt Building 146 Trudeau Road, PO Box 152 Saranac Lake 518-891-1762
  Alpine Construction LLC 1 North Jay Road Jay 518-046-7974
  Amstutz Woodworking 246 Springfield Road Upper Jay 518-946-2662

Amstutz Woodworking

Springfield Road Upper Jay 518-946-2662
Artistic Concrete Works Lake Placid 518-523-5680
B H Baldwin Service & Contracting HC 2 Box 4 Upper Jay 518-946-2033
Baird Edmonds Builders Inc. Route 73 Keene Valley 518-576-4401
Black Mountain Design Builders 16 Academy Street Saranac Lake 518-354-8340
Blue Moon Construction 51 Market Street Keene Valley 518-569-3021

Biesmeyers Adk Building & Contracting

379 Hulls Falls Road



Bob Sampson General Contracting Wilmington 518-561-3134
Boya Construction 77 Garden Road Lane Loon Lake 518-891-3111
Brewer Builders 65 Ausable Drive Jay 518-647-5359
Brockway Adirondack Style Homes 537 County Route 18 Lake Clear 518-524-6280
  C L Howe Construction Inc. 337 Wesvalley Road Lake Placid 518-523-8865
  Campfire Carpentry & Cabinets 88 Maple Lane Bloomingdale 518-569-0816
  Cascade Builders 1230 Pine Street Saranac Lake 518-891-8123
  CCC Construction 253 Glen Road Jay 518-946-7326
  Charles Segard Builder Spring Street Keene 518-524-0916
  Chimney Sweepers      
  Chris Tissot Construction Cty. Route 47, PO Box 513 Keene Valley 518-576-4346
  Conway Construction PO Box 57 Wilmington 518-946-2630
  Coolidge General Contracting 56 Dave Straight Road Jay 518-946-7497
Crowl Builders 160 Round Top Lane Keene 518-576-4255
Curry Constructing 341 Main Street Lake Placid 518-523-0373
D G Construction 19 Cherry Tree Lane Saranac Lake 518-891-0534

Dan Sheldon Builders Inc.

Route 73 Keene Valley 518-576-4401
David Ploof Builder 27 Rockledge Road Saranac Lake 518-891-7533
Davis Customs LLC 56 Algonquin Drive Lake Placid 518-523-9414
Dawson's Tri-Lakes Septic Service 5891 State Route 30 Lake Clear 518-891-3266
Dean Montroy Construction 36 Roosevelt lane Bloomingdale 518-354-9796
Done-Well Construction 5572 State Route 30 Saranac Lake 518-891-0294
Duffy Builders & General Contractors 232 River Road Bloomingdale 518-891-6212

Edmonds Baird-Builders


Keene Valley


  End of the Road Construction 49 County Route 18 Lake Clear 518-891-3361
  Environmental/Pest Control      
  Eric Peter Siding Windows   Newcomb 518-582-3753
  Fawn Ridge Services 19 Fawn Ridge Drive Lake Placid 518-523-0017
  Fiddlehead Contracting PO Box 673 Keene Valley 518-576-7138
Fifield Construction Newcomb 518-582-3754
  Flying Hammer Construction 9 Bucks Lane Keene  
Frizzell Construction 68 Whiteface Inn Road Lake Placid 518-523-1167

G&G Building Contracting

Lake Placid
GDR Construction Newcomb 518-582-2008
Great Range Construction 104 Balsam Street Lake Placid
Guy Smith Enterprises 1767 Route 73 Keene Valley 518-576-9773
  Hanranhan Construction PO Box 171 Lake Placid 518-523-9840
Harlow Contracting 8 Hickory Street Lake Placid 518-523-2307
Harrison & Burrowes Brige Construction 2861 NY Route 73 Keene 518-576-2300
High Peaks Builders Inc. 1919 Saranac Ave Lake Placid 518-523-7500
Hoyt Allen Building PO Box 152 Saranac Lake 518-891-1762
J and M Construction 54 Station Street Lake Placid 518-523-1677
J Ball Construction Inc. 5172 Cascade Road Lake Placid 518-524-0974
J M Mussells Inc. 20 Saint Lawrence Street Saranac Lake 518-819-3101
Jim Lincoln 5 Brick Store Lane Jay 518-304-0148
Jogrel Designs 6329 NYS Route 86 Wilmington 518-313-6183
John E. Lafferty Co. PO Box 272 Wilmington 518-946-7867
JourneyMan's Lake Clear 518-225-9230
Katahdin North Country Log Homes 6727 NYS Route 86 Jay 888-991-5304
Kenneth Hare HC1 Box 46 Lake Placid 518-523-3067
Kenny's Construction 118 Church Street #1 Saranac Lake 518-791-6047
Kubricky Construction Corp. 6137 Sentinel Road Lake Placid 518-523-4520
  Lake Placid Builders Group 38 Algonquin Drive Lake Placid 518-523-9980
  Lakeside Masonry & Log Homes 376 Springfield Road Wilmington  
  Lane Hospitality Inc. 2384 Saranac Ave Lake Placid 518-523-4411
  Lindal Cedar Homes Hc 1 Box 9a Jay 518-946-7272
M. Kellam Contracting 22 Moose Pond Road Bloomingdale 518-354-9834

Mt. View Builders

PO Box 30 Lake Placid 518-523-2516
McClelland Scott Contracting Shaffer Road, PO Box 554 Keene 518-576-2008
McCoy Construction Hurricane Road Keene 518-576-9546
McGreevy Snow Removal & Property 882 Springfield Road Wilmington
Mirror Lake Builders Inc. 5 Mirror Lake Drive Lake Placid 518-523-2544
MJ Raymond Construction 348 Lake Street Saranac Lake 518-891-8822
Nehemiah Construction Mgt. 695 Ausable Drive Jay 518-418-9050
North Country Construction 327 Ray Brook Road Ray Brook 518-891-2783
North Sky Inc. Lake Placid 518-523-3273
Northeast Construction/Custom Homes 13019 NYS Route 9N Jay 518-524-8233
Northeast Log Home Builders Jay 518-647-5885
Nye Spencer Contracting 196 Johns Brooke Lane Keene Valley
O G Contracting 25 Market Street Keene Valley
Oakvale Construction Co. Ltd Inc. Route 86 Wilmington 518-946-7885
O'Neil Contracting 68 Main Street Bloomingdale 518-572-5638
Other Services
  Peck Builders Hc 2 Wilmington 518-946-2367
  PFC Construction LLC 56 Margaret Street Saranac Lake 518-891-0571
  Placid Foam Insulation   Lake Placid 518-523-2865
  Plumber & HVAC      
  Property Managers      

R&C General Contractor

Saranac Lake 518-354-7174
Rabideau Brothers Construction 123 Duprey Street Saranac Lake 518-561-2613
Red Tail Creations Keene 518-576-4668
Redwing Construction Co. Inc. 250 Averyville Road Lake Placid 518-523-1754
Residential Construction Services PO Box 160 Keene 518-576-9563
Resort Contracting 204 Saranac Ave Lake Placid 518-523-4151

Richard Lyon Building Contractor

Saranac Lake


Rok Builders 100 Main Street Saranac Lake 518-891-9400
Roots General Contracting Saranac Lake 518-891-0878
Rumble Carpentry 1067 Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale
Ruppert Construction 130 Main Street Lake Placid 518-523-2865
Sam Picker Enterprises PO Box 11 Lake Placid 518-523-1535
Sampson General Contracting 5727 NYS Route 86, PO Box 192 Wilmington 518-946-7403
Sayles Construction Inc. PO Box 255 Lake Clear 518-891-4397
Scheefer's Adirondack Builders Inc. Beaver Pond Road Saranac Lake 518-891-5873
Schrader General Contracting 11 Hickory Lane Saranac Lake 518-891-3166

Schweizer Construction

Lake Clear


Sears Contracting Corp.

Cascade Road Lake Placid 518-523-2142
Snows Masonry 5490 NYS Route 86 Wilmington
Snowview Management Corp. 2375 Saranac Ave Lake Placid 518-523-2587
Specialty Wood Products 14 Mill Street Bloomingdale 518-891-9149
Spiegel Construction 208 Algonquin Drive Lake Placid 518-523-2058
Straight Construction Inc. 13072 NYS Route 9N, Box 39 Jay 518-946-2553
Stone Tree Construction PO Box 51 Bloomingdale
Sullivan's Home & Office Services 19 Spruce Lane Jay 518-647-5650
Tissot Construction Inc. 2078 State Route 86 Saranac Lake 518-891-1645
TM Construction 240 George Lap. Mem'l Saranac Lake 518-944-5425
Tomplin's Carpentry Wilmington
Torrance Construction 5177 Cascade Road Lake Placid 518-523-3225
Tri Tec Construction PO Box 985 Saranac Lake 518-891-2003
Upper Lake Builders 45 Fairview Way Keene

Wade Whitney Inc. Adirondack Street Keene Valley 518-576-9910
Well Drillers

West Whitney Keene Valley  518-576-9012
White Birch Builders 4 Prescott Place Saranac Lake 518-891-2459
Woltner Summit Contracting 991 Hurricane Road Keene Valley 518-576-4691
Woodtrappings Union Street Bloomingdale 518-891-2740




*  DISCLOSURE:   Adirondack House Doctor is a branch of "In and Around the Adirondack Park" and is not affiliated with any of the above businesses, organizations or events, nor can we  vouch for the quality,  and is NOT responsible for the actions of the above parties.  This is brought as a public service message only.



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