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 Contractors in the Adirondacks (Lake George/Glens Falls)

 Lake George, Queensbury, Cleverdale, Lake Luzerne, Bolton Landing


Below are local businesses of contractors (builders, electricians, foresters, building inspectors, architects, draftsman, landscapers, logging, masons, plumbers, property managers, surveyors and much more) which residents (new or old), or visitors alike, might find handy for fixing up their Adirondack camp, building a new one, or just passing through!  We are constantly asked who are the local guys and gals to help.  So we thought we'd bring our local talents to your attention direct.  Listings posted with an are "Facebook" friendly.  


If you are a local contractor provider, and have a service that may help our visitors, please contact us so we can post your business (FREE).   The list is growing, so sign up NOW.   Folks need to know!  






  A R H Construction 48 Dream Lake Road Lake George 518-793-6185

Action-Craft Construction

49 Bukbee Road

Queensbury 518-743-0160

Adirondack Builders

Windy Peak Bolton Landing 518-695-5253
  Adirondack Construction Corp 73 Mohican Street Lake George 518-615-0016
  Adirondack Designers & Builders Inc.   Lake George 518-668-0109
  Adirondack Dream Homes 1851 State Route 9 Lake George 518-668-9180
  Adirondack Gateway Council Inc. 42 Ridge Street Glens Falls 518-761-3833
  Adirondack Landscaping & Irrigation 111 Stone School House Rd. Lake George 518-668-2146
  Adirondack Roofing   Bolton Landing 518-644-9670
Adirondack Timber Homes Route 9 Lake George 518-361-2477
  Aeon Nexus Group 174 Glens Street Glens Falls 518-338-1551

Anchor Construction

126 Sherman Island Road

Queensbury 518-798-3153
  ARH Construction   Lake George 518-793-6185

Austin Brothers Construction

4 Roberts Court Glens Falls 518-796-4595

Bbb Construction Inc.

16 Old Post Road Lake George 518-668-3054

Baker, Harry H.

72 Sisson Road

South Glens Falls 518-798-6274

Barnes Construction

236 Dixon Road Queensbury 518-761-0423
  Bararett Brothers Construction 613 Lake Ave Lake Luzerne 518-696-5598
  Big Bear Home Repair 236 Valley Woods Road Bolton Landing  
  Bilt Well Construction 14 Marion Ave Glens Falls 518-793-2994
  Brodie Farr Contracting 4 Stonehurse Drive Queensbury 518-745-5438
  Burke Brothers Builders 14 Mountain Drive Lake George 518-668-3054
  C Raymond Davis & Sons 4587 Lakeshore Drive Bolton Landing 518-644-7046
Chimney Sweepers
  Cifone Construction Co. 124 Park Road Queensbury 518-792-9242

Clear Construction Corp.

35 Sisson Road Glens Falls 518-793-2071

Clute Enterprises Inc.

13 Dawn Road Queensbury 518-793-7277
  Connelly's Topnotch Counter Tops 1 McGowan Circle Lake George 518-668-2398

Country Wide Systems Inc.

Airport Industrial Park Glens Falls 518-798-5787

CRT Construction Company Inc.

53 Luzerne Road

Queensbury 518-743-1000
  D Colon Construction 238 Aviation Road Queensbury 518-792-1804
  D E Contracting Route 9L Lake George 518-668-5684
  Devoe, Jerry   Lake George 518-792-9001
  Dirt Wurk By West Construction 23 East Street Queensbury 518-793-4643
  Distinctive Design Kitchens 727 Glen Street Queensbury 518-798-7596
  Dkc Holdings Inc 6 Holden Ave Queensbury 518-745-5040

Dufore Construction LLC

  Endico Enterprises LLC 3409 State Route 9 Lake George 518-623-2382
  Environmental/Pest Control      
  Fine Homebuilders   Bolton Landing 518-644-2755

Fitzpatrick Construction


Fregoe Construction

149 Middle Road Lake George 518-668-5204
  French Mountain Log Home LLC 663 State Route 149 Lake George 518-793-4655
Garafalo Contracting 126 Sherman Island Road Queensbury
Gomer's Construction 16 Harold Harris Road Queensbury 518-793-4742
  Healthy Home Development Corp. 22 Northwood Drive Lake George 518-793-5438

Higgs & Crayford Inc.

131 River Road

Glens Falls


  Hilltop Construction 51 Crowley Road Hudson Falls 518-798-0338
  Honey-Do Man 79 Sherman Ave Glens Falls 518-792-1168
  House Doctors 334 Big Boom Road Queensbury 518-798-0754
  Howard Group Inc. 10 Queensbury Place Queensbury 518-743-1214

Howland Construction Inc.

7 Iroquois Road

Lake George 518-668-3185
  Ironman Construction Co. 15 Sylvan Road Lake Luzerne  
  ITW Construction 5023 Lake Shore Drive Bolton Landing 518-644-3234
  Jack Davis General Contractor PO Box 138 Kattskill Bay 518-656-9837
  James T. Gorham Construction 83 Ralph Road Lake Luzerne 518-654-9308
  John A. Winslow 163 Canada Street Lake George 518-668-2554

JND Construction

95 John Street Hudson Falls 518-744-3590
  JTC Remodeling Inc. 688 Upper Sherman Ave Queensbury 518-378-8101
  Kelly Homes 22 Willow Road Queensbury 518-793-3022
  Kraft Construction 97 Glenwood Ave Queensbury 518-792-0867

Kubricky Construction Corp.

237 Bay Road

Glens Falls 518-792-5864
  Lake George Park Construction 2997 Lake Shore Road Lake George 518-668-0006
  Lake George Timbercrafted Homes 10 State Route 149 Lake George 518-545-1127
  Lakeshore Custom Creations 16 Lakeshore Terrace Hague 518-649-7520
  Lt Group 19 Cooper Street Lake George 518-685-5471
  Lyford's Construction Co. 90 Bay Street Glens Falls 518-793-1941
  McFarland Builders Group 27A Madison Street Glens Falls 518-223-5207

McKernon Group Inc.

176 Ridge Road

Glens Falls



Mike's Creative Contracting

36 Maple Drive

Queensbury 518-798-6697
  Moeller, Jr. 177 East River Road Lake Luzerne 518-696-5224

Mountaineer Construction

735 Highway Route

Lake Luzerne 518-696-4113
  Morris, Richard 15 Federal Hill Road Bolton Landing 518-644-5420

MTM Builders

16 Harold Harris Road

Glens Falls 518-745-5046
  Norman Perry Contracting 806 West Mountain Road Queensbury 518-743-9409

North Country Custom Carpentry

104 Tuthill Road Queensbury 518-792-0315
  Northeast States Constructions 66 Cedar Street Queensbury  
  Northland Custom Carpentry Inc. 104 Tuthill Road Queensbury 518-792-0315
Other Services
  Pace Builders 243 Ridge Street Glens Falls 518-792-1511
  Parker & Hammond Construction 24 Silver Circle Queensbury 518-793-3220
  Phoenix Group Contracting  1557 State Route 9 Lake George 518-793-9393
  Pinchook Buckley Construction 138 Quaker Road Queensbury 518-793-5049
  Pine Hills Construction 2054 State Route 9N Lake George 518-260-0561
  Plumber & HVAC      
  Pro Tech Builders 7171 Ralph Road Lake Luzerne 518-654-2241

Proficient Construction

140 Glen Street

Glens Falls 518-747-2530
  Property Managers      
  Quality Builders 26 Squire Circle Lake Luzerne 518-696-4753
  Qurve Learning 1 Honey Hollow Road Queensbury 518-473-0456
  R.A.K. Builders 84 Cortland Street Lake George 518-361-4717
  R C Construction 504 Howe Road Lake Luzerne  
  R C Springer Construction 275 Scofield Road Lake Luzerne 518-696-2256

Raven Industries Inc.

70 McCormack Drive

Lake George 518-792-9278
  Rifenburg Construction Inc. 9 Broad Street Glens Falls 518-793-3532

Rist Construction Company Inc.

Bay Road Lake George 518-798-1881
  Rjb Enterprises 7 Glenmar Drive Queensbury 518-793-1710
  Robin's Nest Home Improvement Specialist 959 State Route 9 Queensbury 518-744-8100

Rozell Industries Inc.

145 Park Road Queensbury 518-793-2634
S C Construction 142 Pickle Hill Road Queensbury 518-798-4354
SAR Sales 82 Hunter Lane Queensbury 518-798-5441
Sawn's All In one Contracting 509 Canada Street Lake George 518-685-3260
  Ship Shape 97 Glenwood Ave Queensbury 518-792-0857

Silver Bay Construction Company

  Sabbath Day Point 518-543-6668

Smart Level Construction

64 Burch Road

Queensbury 518-747-8310

Speck Construction Company

47 Skara Brae Road Lake George 518-668-2179

Sperling Construction

  Silver Bay 518-543-6169
  Steve's Quality Care 20 Montcalm Street Glens Falls 518-538-5569

Stockman & Sons Construction


Glens Falls


Sunsoval Inc.

Route 91

Cleverdale 518-656-9956
  Taad Enterprises 44 Lincoln Ave Glens Falls 518-792-2870
  Taconic Builders 73 Green Harbour Lane Lake George 518-668-5627

Terre Majestic Inc.

959 State Route 9 Queensbury 518-745-5421

Threw, Bill Inc.

369 Big Bay Road

Queensbury 518-793-3781
  TMG 1582 Ridge Road Queensbury 518-743-9300

Torrington Industries

222 Maple Ave Queensbury 518-793-9608

Towpath Contractors LLC

  Turcotte Construction 29 Aviator Way Queensbury 518-636-5135

Turner Construction Company

32 Saratoga Ave

S. Glens Falls 518-761-9135
Universal Enterprises 21B Hiland Springs Way Queensbury 518-727-8922
  Valente Homes Inc. 23 Antigua Road Lake George 518-668-0300

Veysey Construction

110 Sagamore Street Glens Falls 518-792-6344
  Vmjr Co. 73 Mohican Street Glens Falls 518-792-1128
  W D Williams Construction 80 Seeley Road Cleverdale 518-656-3579
  Warm & Welcome Log  Homes   Glens Falls 518-748-6310
  Wj Miner Construction 33 Frederick Street Glens Falls 518-745-0041
Well Drillers
  West View Contacting 76 West Mountain Road Queensbury 518-636-3734
  Zubal Contracting 25 Steward Drive Lake Luzerne 518-696-2521



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*  DISCLOSURE:   Adirondack House Doctor is a branch of "In and Around the Adirondack Park" and is not affiliated with any of the above businesses, organizations or events, nor can we  vouch

for the quality,  and is NOT responsible for the actions of the above parties.  This is brought as a public service message only.  


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